Review: SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones

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    These good looking Sol Republic headphones are quite comfortable, light and sport some very durable design. Along with a useful detachable cordage, decent interchangeable headband, remote control, and also with integrated microphone. Their sound is pretty good, delivers deep bass, nice treble, and they are very cheap for the quality, so read on.


    While these Tracks a little like the Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones, they’re some sort of spiritual cousins. Those headphones possess the similar on-ear design, and this means that these guys are almost entirely enveloping headphones like those Monster Beats over-the-ear ones.

    These headphones got the pretty comfortable design. Maybe they’re not the part of the league as some on-ear Bose’s OE2 ones, which are far more costly but, for the price, they offer very nice comfortability. The complete judgment about design depends on the taste, but it is quite clear that here the majority of customers will be satisfied.

    At a Glance

    Reviewing these headphones shouldn’t cause the thoughts of some myths about the enormous beauty, but these are really pretty enough. They also really got indestructible kind of headband, and that is very important. You can also wear them for quite long periods of time without any type of discomfort.

    They are not only great looking, customizable, and durable, but these Tracks HD also back many things up with great comfort and quality of the sound. SOL REPUBLIC headphones are really stylish and nice looking. Their design is really smart and that makes them even more pleasing to the eye.

    Audio Quality

    Maybe your potential piggy bank does deserve to be empty because of these nice Tracks HD. Well known Sol Republic brand promises to completely deliver deep bass —and that promise is kept. The fact is that the bass in some cases seems to be like all that you want to hear. Very prominent and clear midrange portions, and also many nice high notes, are not underemphasized.

    Even some spoiled bass lovers can appreciate the clear facts about these headphones. There is no unpleasant effect here which impacts those highest notes and the midrange on everything. The sound of a noisy snare drum can’t be so sadly diminished in the case of these SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD.

    Solid Isolators

    You can listen to headphones really in peace, that’s because these Tracks HD are good isolators. And, normally, on ears headphones are good in blocking out high and midrange range pollutants of noise. So, the Tracks combat well on many fronts, not only the high’s.

    Flexible Band

    These Tracks HD headphones do come along with a nice carry case. And, the fact is that products band doesn’t collapse. That makes them quite convenient for the traveling and the other activities. This band doesn’t only looks durable, but it demonstrates it if you twist, contort it, or else.

    On-ear Cups

    When you attempt the adjustment of those ear cups you will truly find this task much less difficult than in some usual cases. Some who like more over-ear types of headphones will not like these very much. But, on the other hand, they got nice adjustable cups among their kind.

    Drawbacks of SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones

    The only larger problematic thing is that the markings for Left Speaker and Right Speaker must be slightly clearer. To some customers that can’t be a small and unimportant issue. But, apart from that, the speakers are good and pretty functional despite these unclear markings.

    Compatibility and Other Traits

    They are not only compatible with all classic digital devices, but they are also remixed compatible. Also, the clear fact that headphones cord can truly detach can be a real life saver. Because how can you know where and when you could pull or trip on its cord too rough.

    Problems with the cord can be the doom in the cases of most headphones. So, if you want to acquire a high-quality set with the decent price these ones are far from ridiculous. These products are just the ones that I warmly recommend to any customer who wants both compatibility and longevity in one.


    • REMIX compatible
    • Great sound engine type of speakers
    • Deep bass
    • Virtually indestructible headband
    • Compatible with, Apple, Windows and Android devices
    • Sturdy construction
    • Stylish


    • Markings for Left Speaker and Right Speaker must be slightly clearer.


    This is a very good way to spend 100 dollars. These headphones allow for your bass not to entirely overwhelm. With a nice balance, music doesn’t lose highs and mids, and their range of complexity. From the price to comfort and frequency response, these headphones are able to compete with all other products in their category.

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