Best Portable PA Systems for 2021

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    Have the best portable PA system can have many advantages compared to a PA system which isn’t portable. You are able to easily move and transport these smaller PA systems to where ever you are heading. Weather its a party, event, or what ever it is.

    The best news we have for you is that you don’t have to search all over the internet looking for the one for you. We offer some of the best and most affordable PA systems you can find on the market. We have done all the research and review only the best. With that being said, below is a small list of of the top 5 PA systems which are completely portable.

    Top 5 Portable PA Systems for 2021

    PA System Weight Price Rating
    ION Audio Block Party Live 50 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker System with Party Lights, Wheels & Handle 26.2 lbs Under $200 4.6
    BEHRINGER EUROPORT MPA40BT-PRO 19.7 lbs Under $200 4.5
    ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker with Mic, AM/FM Radio, and USB Charge Port 16.3 lbs Under $150 4.5
    Pyle Wireless Portable PA system - 1000W High Powered Bluetooth Compatible Active + Passive Pair Outdoor Sound Speakers w/ USB SD MP3 AUX - 35mm Mount, 2 Stand, Microphone, Remote - Pyle PPHP1049KT 18.1 lbs Under $250 4.4
    Hisonic HS120B Rechargeable & Portable PA (Public Address) System with Built-in UHF Wireless Microphone (1 Handheld +1 Belt-Pack) 6.0 lbs Under $150 4.4

    Things to Look for in Portable PA Systems

    Below we make a few good points on things people should look for when it comes to choosing a portable pa system with microphone. With that being said, lets see what those things might be!


    Most newer model of PA systems have bluetooth connection. By having this you can most likely stream music from phones, tablets and other gadgets that can connect with bluetooth. This is a great feature to have when you are hosting a party and want to jam out to some of the hottest music to living up the party.


    Depending on how or where your going to be using your PA speaker you need to make sure its going to be loud and powerful enough for the audience. You don’t want to go host a party or even and not have a loud enough PA speaker that wont be heard by everyone in the audience. That would suck and people more than likely wont be happy if they can’t hear you talk or sing.


    This isn’t that important as so of the other feature but keep in mind if you’re looking for a portable PA speaker then it can be if it’s way to big and weights to much. With that being said, be sure to check the weight of the speaker and be sure you can transport it with ease if needed.

    Portable PA System Reviews 2021

    BEHRINGER EUROPORT MPA40BT-PRO – Best Compact PA System with Microphone

    The Behringer Europort MPA40BT-PRO is the ultimate all-in-one Compact PA systems with mic and bluetooth connectivity. It’s extremely portable and takes little to no time to set this systems up and have it ready for any occasion.

    The Behringer Europort is a very powerful PA system that delivers superb sound quality for all your needs. One of it main things people talk about in several other reviews is the performance that it delivers for the money.

    It a 40 watt powerful system that is great for an audience up to around 250 people. This is a great PA system with microphone and is perfect for parties, tour guides, schools, working musicians, weddings, seminars, ECT…

    All in all, the Behringer Europort portable PA system is easy to transports and required no setting up or technical background. For under $200 this is one of the best portable PA Systems with mic hands down.

    ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) Bluetooth Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker with Mic

    The ION iPA77 PA Speaker with mic is one of Amazon Best Sellers and over 1,000 units have been sold. Its a very powerful speaker and includes roughly 50 hours a playtime before needed to be recharged again. This is important when its comes to being portable and not have a power cord to be able to connect. 50 hours is on the higher end when its comes to the best PA systems with microphones.

    Next, the ION iPA77 PA Speaker come with bluetooth so you can use it for much more than just a PA system. You can easily connect your smartphones to this device and easily stream and play music with ease. It also have a built-in Power bank which allows you to connect your phone VIA USB and are able to recharge your phone, tablet and other gadgets from it as well that use USB. You can also tune into all your favorite AM/FM radio stations within distance like your car would.

    Lastly, the ION iPA77 PA Speaker with mic has a built-on 50 watt dynamic power amplifier. This is plenty of power to be heard of loud crowds and audiences when needed. The only down side we have read about this PA speaker was that it doesn’t have wheels and roughly weights about 16 pounds. However, that’s not that heavy and can easily be carried.

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