How to Choose Quality Speakers

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    In every car audio system, there are actually three kinds of speakers. And as what I have mentioned before if you want to setup a good car stereo build, you will either make sure that each component is properly accounted for; if not then make sure that you have double. The three speakers are vital to each car stereo setup and in fact, without them, there is no possibility for you to hear any sound at all.

    An example that I can attest to is a car audio project that one of the leading car audio manufacturers successfully managed to do. It was a car stereo setup with two head units installed in the dash so as to properly showcase the car’s capability to play any music file from any of the two head units.

    This is because of the fact that speakers are what relays the sound and receives the electronic signal and transforms it into an audible sound. Just as there are the three sound ranges, namely the low sound range, the middle sound range as well as the high sound range.

    Speaker Types


    These types of speakers are basically what cater to the middle sound ranges, although they are basically able to resonate a huge range of sounds, they can only do so in a limited manner.

    Without the aid of other types of speakers, they cannot however fully produce the sound in a clear and crisp manner and the low notes would sound blunt and blurry while the high notes would sound quite pitchy. The melody and the median sound range, however, would be well accounted for and they would basically sound appropriate.


    These are small speakers which are basically utilized to produce the high notes. These speakers allow you to hear high notes in a fuller and clearer tone, instead of hearing a pitchy vocal and instrument; you would instead hear a clear high note and even instrument riffs. Without installing tweeters, you can expect your sound speakers to be the one to handle the blunt of it and then have a hard time producing clearer audio.


    As what the name indicates, these speakers would be the ones to properly display the lower sound range. The bass will sound beautifully with the help f these speakers and the low baritone will be heard properly.

    How to Choose Quality Car Audio Speakers

    The quality of speakers can truly make a difference in the entire experience of your car ride.

    Car audio speakers come in so many varieties, for every brand and type of car. There are possibilities for every car and every listener. Whether you like hard rock, classical, or just talk radio, there are car speakers that can optimize your listening experience.

    If a car stereo has high power output, you will need lower sensitivity speakers with higher power handling. If a car stereo has low power output, you will need higher sensitivity speakers with lower power handling needs. This can seem a bit confusing to understand at first, but just try to get a good grasp on the car stereo-power and then you can figure out your speaker needs from there without worries.

    Depending on how fancy you want to get, there are full range car audio speaker packages that provide you everything you need in one place. With full range speakers, you will know you are getting parts that work well together and can maximize your speaker and stereo output. Full range speakers come with built-in woofers to emphasize lower notes, voices, and instruments and tweeters that emphasize the higher notes and sounds. Some full range speakers will come with options like midrange enhancers or a super tweeter! This will help you really tweak all the aspects of your sound. Keep in mind that full range speakers are the easiest option to install and can be found inexpensively, as they often are made to fit right into factory specs.

    On the other hand, you might be interested in completely customizing your sounds experience with different components that you hand pick for optimization. This is also possible with car audio speakers. You can buy each speaker separately and possibly get even better sound than with a full range speaker system.

    For this customization, you will most likely end up paying more money, but on the other hand, you can make your investment over time, so it may not really be a financial consideration. Component systems have separate woofers, tweeters, and what are called external crossovers that can direct the sound to the appropriate components for the best sound quality possible. Component systems are definitely the way to go if you want the ultimate in car audio speakers.

    Installation and Upgrade

    If you desire to have some great quality sound to your audio, you can now free to upgrade your own car speakers for some features for an upgrade. Likewise, there are some things you have to know regarding this matter.

    The first thing you have to ensure is your budget for upgrading. It might cost you some fortune, but you will not regret if you dive into upgrading for a good one. Great features might also add some dollars for your expenses, but these cover up tuning and powering up your audio set. The wiring and some upgrade in the amplifiers and especially the speakers and the headset are covered in the upgrade cost.

    There are many ways to get your car upgraded. Likewise, you have to make it sure that you have enough for the expense for it will cost you dollars to achieve an especially designed an upgraded car audio speaker for your car for some great music. However, the result is worth the price, and you will not think about it after all.

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