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    When it comes to producing music and you’re looking to take it very seriously having the best studio headphones is a must in the music industry.

    One of the most common mistakes producers make when it comes to making music or making beats is choosing a poor quality sounding headphones that just don’t perform.

    When it comes to choosing studio headphones you need to be able to hear the all the natural sounds. Having cheap studio headphones can alter the sound and won’t sound the way the music should really sound in the end. This is why it’s crucial for studio producers to have the best headphones for the job that wont interfere with their work.

    So what our team as done for you was find some of the best-selling and top rated studio monitor headphones for people who are in the studio do what it is that they love. Let’s see what has made the list below…

    Best Studio Headphones 2021 List

    Headphone Price Rating
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50xMG Limited Edition Professional Studio Monitor Headphones $$$$ 5.0
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black, Professional Grade, Critically Acclaimed, with Detachable Cable $$$$ 4.7
    Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone $$$ 4.6
    Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones $$$ 4.4

    Our Top 3 Pick

    The Sony MDR7506

    The Sony MDR7506 is notably less expensive than most of the popular models on the list. They are best for audio monitoring in recording studios, producing videos and practically anything that necessitates outstanding audio quality. They’ve got an excessive impedance, providing them with a really crystal clear sound, but while doing so need additional power to be operated. The closed-back characteristic decreases audio seapage, a very good complement for people in recording studios. The Sony MDR7506 includes a 40mm driver, gold fittings along with a superb-quality oxygen free copper cable.

    Let’s put the specifications aside for a second. They sound a whole lot louder with a provided input volume level than many other studio headphones. This is certainly fantastic, if you want to listen to the headphones more than the live sounds surrounding you. The Sony MDR7506 has superb duplication from bass sounds into the high end pitches.

    Yes, they comfortable enough to wear for hours without any worries. These studio monitor headphones circumaural cups along with the headband with cushioning make these studio headphones extremely comfortable. They’re resilient, produce a clear high quality tone and are also comfortable when wearing. All of this put together causes them to be among the best studio headphones available on the market, at an inexpensive cost.

    The Sennheiser HD380

    The Sennheiser brand has been involved with the headphone marketplace for some time. They are fully aware what they are carrying out, simply. The Sennheiser HD380 is one example of Sennheiser when it comes to a great pair of headphones for the studio. Having a frequency reaction going from 8Hz up to 27kHz, a circumaural style, as well as an impedance of 54 Ohms, These HD380 headphones sound fantastic.

    The closed-back will keep unwelcome audio in and out. They may be powered at plenty of volume level with a regular ipod device, not every studio headphones consist of this kind of luxury. The Sennheiser HD380 is really a genuine and analyzed product, and therefore are extremely popular. If you happen to have a chance, get into your neighborhood headphone shop and give these headphones a try. We are able to pretty much ensure you are going to just fall in love. At a price label close to $200, they will be within the lower end, which is seriously worth spending money on one of the very studio headphones which can be bought currently.

    Marshall Monitor Headphones

    The Monitor may very well be Marshall’s primary pair of over-ear headphones, however that isn’t going to imply Marshall is brand new to making outstanding audio products. Marshall audio speakers and gadgets have already been consistently utilized by music artists and audio engineers for years. The Monitor effectively provides that high quality to their buyers.

    First of all, we observed i had a stable sleek structure. The product is mainly made up of precious metal, with brass fixtures and detail. Given that they completely fold for simple transportation these metal fittings is sure to make this product resilient. Marshall also furnished The Monitor headphones by using a luxurious leather-based headband which makes the whole headphone match like a glove.

    People currently acquainted with Marshall products will likely be impressed from the company logo and design of The Monitors ear-cups. The cursive white-colored logo design that’s on every earphone is similar to the one which shows up on the traditional amps.

    From the box the Marshall Monitor provides absolutely nothing short of impressive music. The complete feel is strong; nor flat similar to reference earphones neither of them so “bass heavy” which they only appear excellent with just a few music genres. The bass sounds pulls you all the while the highs dances on top of the beats.

    To get a richer, much more treble noise, you are able to take away the filters positioned behind the material covering up the inside of the cans. Bass sounds are maintained but stuff like greater frequency vocals and kick percussion tend to be more distinct.

    From the workmanship to the sound, The Marshall Monitor turns out to be value of the Marshall brand-name when it comes to the top studio headphones.

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