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    Subwoofers are a great add-on to a car audio system if you like bass. Sometime people like more bass than what their car comes with stock. So the solution is adding or replacing with a brand new top of the line shallow mount subwoofer. It’s a fairly cheap upgrade to add bass with a subwoofer and is worth every penny if you love music. The subwoofer enhances the enjoyment of listening to your favorite songs while on your way to work in the morning.

    We created a check list in what to looking when choosing a new subwoofer. It’s crucial you read the list under the table because it will help you understand how to pick the best one for your needs and what to look for in a subwoofer. Also check out our table of top 6 shallow-mount subwoofers that were staffed picked right below this.

    List of the Top Shallow Mount Subwoofers 2021

    Subwoofer Price Rating
    JL Audio 10tw3-d4 Shallow-mount 10 $$$$$ 4.9
    JL Audio 12TW1-2 12″ Shallow-mount 2-ohm Component Subwoofer $$$$$ N/A
    PIONEER TS-SW3002S4 12" 1,500-Watt Shallow-Mount Subwoofer with Single 4ohm Voice Coil $$$ 4.9
    Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F 12in Mount Subwoofer Car $$$$ 4.8
    Kicker 10CVT104 10-Inch CompVT Series Shallow Mount Subwoofer $$$$ 4.5
    Rockford Fosgate R2 Ultra Shallow 10-Inch 4 Ohm DVC Subwoofer $$$ 4.4

    Tips for Choosing a Shallow Mount Subwoofer

    Sometimes you may decide to make changes to the kind of subwoofer fitted in your car, lorry or any vehicle that you are driving. You may want to replace it with a subwoofer that can produce the lowest frequency while still giving the best sound performance. This means that you will opt for shallow mount subwoofer because it is the best at playing music under low frequencies.

    However, selecting the best subwoofer may appear a bit challenging. In order to help you in making buying decision, we provide you with the top shallow subwoofer guide that will guarantee you the perfect purchase that will completely suit your needs.


    Shallow mount subs are available in different sizes. This is usually measured in inches. Any subwoofer that is large in size will produce louder sound. This means that it will consume much power in order to produce the loud sound. The opposite is true. A small-sized subwoofer produces less loud sound hence does not require much power to run it.

    Shallow subwoofers usually have varying wattage hence different requirements for amplifiers. It mainly ranges from 400-800RMS. This means that you will have to buy an amplifier that can work best for your shallow mount sub. This can be done by looking at the RMS of the subwoofer and then relating it to the amplifier to see if the two will excellently work together. It will help you to know the number of watts the amplifier will require and therefore be able to make the right choice when purchasing.

    Bass Requirements

    You need to determine the kind of bass that you want to be introduced in your system. The bass largely depends on the size of your reduced size subwoofer. For instance, if you want just some little bass when listening to your music, then you may choose an 8 inch shallow mount sub. That will work for you. But if you are looking for a subwoofer with excess bass and great power, you will have to choose either a 10 inch subwoofer or even 12 inch subwoofer. This type has the excellent ability to produce the greatest bass that you can ever want to hear in your car.

    Placement Space

    You need to consider the size of space where you want to fix the best slim subwoofer. If you have a larger space, you may decide to put a 12 inch subwoofer size but if you have lesser space depending on the size of your car, then buy the 8 inch subwoofer. You want to avoid buying a subwoofer box that is going to be to big and won’t fit.

    Feel That Bass

    You should try and get the best car subwoofer because it will enable you to enjoy your music and make you have a great feeling. That unique and exceptional base that characterizes it will simply make you feed good and satisfied especially if you like listening to music.


    Different shallow subwoofers vary in prices depending on the brand and the model. It is upon you to look at the features of each brand and model. If you like the price, you can proceed and buy. If money is tight that’s ok, we even have some high end subwoofers that are under $50 each.

    Final Thought

    The above best shallow subwoofer guide will help you in making proper buying decision. This will prevent you from buying a product that you do not like or does not meet your expectations. If you follow it keenly, you are guaranteed that you will end up with the best shallow mount subwoofer.

    Shallow Mount Subwoofers 2021 Reviews

    JL Audio 10tw3-D4 Shallow Subwoofer Review

    The JL subwoofers always have been at their top of the game when in some to subwoofers. The JL Audio 10tw3-D4 is a 10-inch subwoofer with dual 4-ohm with thin layers for better bass with taking up less room in your vehicle. The RMS rating on the JL Audio 10tw3-D4 is 100 to 400 watts and produces extreme bass for the money. The top mount depth one this sub is 3 ¼ inches and will blow most subwoofers out of the water at the same size.

    The high roll rubber surrounding on the JL Audio 10tw3-D4 is nothing like any other car subwoofer in it’s class. This subwoofer includes injected molded, mica-filler polypropylene cone delivers nothing but the best bass sounds for the price. The JL Audio subwoofers our some of our top shallow mount drivers you can find for the price. We have test and reviewed this subwoofer and with a 4.7 out of 5.0 from previous customers who bought this car sub, it’s just over-all the best shallow mount subwoofer the money.

    All in all, JL audio make some of the top-rated car subwoofers when it come to shallow mounted and slim subwoofers. They deliver some of the most-balanced subwoofers when it come to car subs.

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