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    There tons of great outdoor Bluetooth speakers to choose from but which ones are the best? Well that’s is what we are here to share. We have gone through tons of different outdoor speakers to help people find which ones are the best and can stand up to all weather conditions. Having the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers is a must because they need to be durable and can stand certain weather condition other speakers are meant to handle. Without further due, below is our list we have created to help your find the best speakers for the outdoors.

    #1 Sound Appeal Wireless Bluetooth Weatherproof Speakers

    These can either be used indoor or outdoor and are completely wireless speakers. They come equipped with 80-watts high efficiency Class-D amplifier build-in to fill the outdoor with amazing sound quality. These are built for the outdoors and are waterproof and wont be effected by the cold or rain. You can stream music through bluetooth from up to 60 ft away from your smartphone, tablets or other gadgets with bluetooth. These are ideal speakers for outside next to your pool or on your back deck or patio.

    #2 Pyle PDWR62BTBK Wall Mount Waterproof & Bluetooth Speakers

    This pair of Pyle PDWR62BTBK waterproof outdoor speakers amazing for all your outdoor music needs. You can easily stream your favorite music wirelessly outside on your devices that play music via Bluetooth. With 300 watts of power, 6.5” woofers and 1” dome tweeters this set of speakers have an all-around amazing sound quality. You can either connect these speakers to your home stereo or play them wireless from smartphones or other devices. All in all, these are some of our top rated outdoor speakers that are waterproof and has Bluetooth capability.

    #3 Monster Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

    The Monster wireless speakers come standard with 40 watts and are great fit for small outdoor settings such as on your back patio or deck. These speakers are water and moisture resistant and can handle different weather environments if needed. You can play music through these speakers VIA Bluetooth, EZ-Play, and NFC technology. The EZ-Play technology allows you to play your music up to 8 different speakers that are EZ-Play compatible.

    #4 Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

    The Polk Audio Atrium waterproof outdoor speakers are able to be easily mounted thanks to Pyle and there Speed-Lock mounting system. The 4 ½” dynamic balance cone driver and ¾” anodized aluminum dome tweeter has that perfect combination to deliver the ultimate sound with crystal clear vocals. Don’t miss a word or beat in your favorite songs with these top of the line speakers. These speakers will deliver high performance quality in the summer, spring, fall and even the winter weather.

    #5 Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker

    The Bluetooth outdoor waterproof speaker by Sound Appeal has created a unique speaker for people who want to have music outside while hanging, cooking out or even swimming in the pool. With long range Bluetooth technology you can easily connect and stream music through out your backyard. They come in a pair (2 Speakers) and required to plugged into an outlet. The main speaker need to plug into the other people and then you can easily connect via Bluetooth. These speakers can handle the extreme cold or heat without disrupting the sound quality or life of the speakers. You can either get these speakers in a Grey Slate or Canyon Sandstone color.

    All in all, when it comes to find the best Bluetooth outdoor speakers you need make sure they can handle the weather environment you’re going to be placing them in. All the speakers above can handle all weather condition and are completely waterproof. If you have any questions about any of these speakers feel free to contact us or leave a comment below and will do our best to help with any questions you may have.

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