Top Rated & Best Headphones Under 50 Bucks

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    Looking for a the best pair of headphones that cost under $50? As I’m sure you’re fully aware that headphones can cost any between $10 all the way up to $500+. Depending on what you are going to be using your headphones for is usually how people base their pick. Well here we have put together a list of some of the top selling and cheap headphones for under 50 which still produce some amazing sound quality for the price. If this is what you looking for then I suggest you continue reading on and see what headphones have made out list and which haven’t.

    Below is the list we have created to help you find a good but cheap pair of headphones. Without more being said, here are the headphones that have made out exclusive list which include superior quality for under $50.

    List of Best Headphones under $50

    Headphone Price Rating
    Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Premium Genuine Wood Over-Ear Headphones with in-Line Microphone, Tangle-Free Noise-Isolating Wired Stereo Earphones with Spare Replacement Cable Included (Walnut Finish) $$$$ 4.5
    Monoprice 108323 Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphone Bundle with 3.5mm to 1/4-Inch Gold-Plated Adapter Plug and Accessories (5 Items) $$ 4.3
    Headphones,Sound Intone CX-05 Headphones with Microphone,Noise Isolating On Ear Headsets for iPhone,Android Device,Mp3/4,Laptop,Tablet (Brown-1) $$ 4.2
    Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones, Black, medium $$$ 4.0

    Things to Consider Before Purchasing…

    There is always things you want to look for and make sure they are going to suit your needs when shopping for a new pair of headphones. Below are a few and some important factors you want to look for when making your choice.


    Do you want over the headphones? Or do you want something that can go into your ear like ear-plugs? They have many different styles of headphones when it comes to choosing and everyone has there own preference when it comes to style. Also, depending on what you plan on using you headphones for is another great way to base your pick on style.


    Since these are some of the more cheap headphones money can buy, making sure the quality on the particular headphone you interested in has great quality. I know it can be hard to know if they have good quality without testing them. However, there are other ways to find out if the quality is good. Like choosing a pair from our list because we only share with you the best of the best. Another way is to search the brand and model of the headphone is it’s no on our list and read reviews from previous customer who bought the exact same headphone.


    Some headphone’s focus more on bass while other focus more on the vocals and clearness of the vocal coming through the headphone. If you like bass, then I suggest looking at a pair that are made to produce more bass than your standard pair would. If you don’t like bass and just want loud and clear music then stay away from the pairs which were designed for people who like bass.


    I’m a firm believer than brand matters when it comes to electronics. Find a pair of headphones made by a good brand is always the smartest and best way to go when making your choice. Having a cheap headphone brand that no one has ever heard of before is probably going to end up backfiring on you in a long run.

    Reviews on Headphones under $50


    First on our list would be the Sony MDR-XB50. These absolutely are a reliable option to substitute all those horrible standard Ear-pods. They can be a little more highly-priced than our other picks however they have very good audio quality with many different bass sounds response, an excellent cable resistant to having twisted into knots, along with a design and style that remains inside your ear when your constantly moving.

    These Sony XB50s certainly are slightly larger and more heavy compared to Panasonic’s, however they remained as comfy to put on for longer durations and do a more satisfactory job when preventing outside sounds. If you are searching to separate yourself from the surroundings, the Sony headphones are a more sensible choice.

    Quality of sound for the Sony XB50s wasn’t as nicely balanced as to the Panasonic’s, plus they truly appeared to be most effective with songs which had a great deal of bass sounds, like hip hop or rap music. The XB50s by Sony have got a microphone that has a standard playback remote control, but additionally are lacking volume level controls. If you want the best headphone sound quality, but is not the best headphone price, consider these. But overall, the Panasonic’s are generally less expensive and much better sounding compared to Sony ones.

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