List of the Best Headphones for Under $100

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    The quality of sound is a vital factor when selecting a new pair of headphones, regardless of whether you want to make use of them on the beach, jamming to Bob Marley, or perhaps in the library studying. However, if you are like us, price is another significant factor. One which merely can’t be overlooked. Thankfully though, being dedicated to an affordable budget won’t necessarily mean you will be left listening to songs through a set of rusty beer cans. We have discovered the very best headphones under 100 dollars then put together this swift guide that will help you select which are ideal for you.

    Listed here, we’ll reveal our absolute favorites, describe their features, and evaluate our top pairs in more detail. You aren’t acquiring a lot of additional features; but you’re also not about to hurt your wallet.

    List of the Best Headphones for Under $100

    Name Price Rating
    Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Renewed $$$ 4.6
    Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier and Mic, ILL Famed Royal and Cream $$$ 4.5
    Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones - Apple devices, Frost (Renewed) $$$ 4.4
    Sennheiser Professional HD 280 PRO Over-Ear Monitoring Headphones $$$ 4.3
    BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Technology – Features Enhanced Bass, Inline Microphone & 18-Hour (Max) Battery – Black/Silver $$$ 4.3
    Brainwavz S5 IEM Noise Isolating Earphones with Clearwavz Remote and Microphone for iPhone iPad iPod $$$ 4.0

    Open-back VS Closed-back

    Headphones are recognized as open-back or closed-back depending on the housing on the ear-cups. Each kind impacts the way in which sound is listened to through the unit.


    Open-back headphones have cuts or openings within the outside of the cans. Which means that sounds and air carries openly throughout the headphones. They are really not suitable if you are intending to make use of them when close to other individuals. The music of open-back earphones is quite like having a stereo system playing inside the same room you’re in. You can listen to the tunes around you, however, you also hear mostly everything in the back ground also.


    Closed-back headphones are complete opposite of the open-back ones. They don’t have any cuts allowing the transfer of audio which makes them ideal for most circumstances. Sound appears like that it is in your head since these block out a majority of exterior noises. Jamming to tunes through closed-back headphones is a lot like nothing exists other than the song playing.

    Types of Headphones for under $100

    Headphones are available in many different types. Each one of these provides a distinctive number of benefits and drawbacks based on in which you plan to utilize them.

    Earbuds or In-ear

    As opposed to the other options, these little devices fit straight within your ear canal. But such as the over-ear type, these also do a very good task of maintaining sounds separated from unwanted background sounds. Considering that everyone’s canals are not the same sizes manufacturers often time provide a number of different tips to be able to obtain one that produces a good seal to the ear. Loosened earphones will leak and modify the sound; snug earbuds will pinch and turn into painful after long usage.

    Earbud kinds are a good alternative when flexibility is vital for example traveling or even working out. Once you discover the best size ear-tip they will be an alternative choice when you wish to help keep sound outside.

    Circum-aural or Over-ear

    Over-ear headphones characteristic massive cans which fit all-around your whole ear. The cushioning rests upon your head developing a nearly total seal off. That seal off does a very good maintaining practically all surrounding sound taken away from what you happen to be playing. Additionally, it helps to keep what you’re jamming to from leaky outside the headphone.

    This is an excellent option in the event you assume to remain in noisy surroundings for instance a fitness center in which you should ensure that no outside noise filters in. Clearly, also an outstanding option for use in peaceful spots such as the library since your music will never be able to disturb anyone near you if not blasting on max volume.

    Supra-aural or On-ear

    On-ear headphones, similar to their over-ear alternatives, have big cups along with a thick cushioning. These, although, fit a little differently on the ear. The padding of on-ear earphones rest on the top of your outer ear rather than completely encapsulating them. This enables some audio to leak beyond the headphones.

    We suggest making use of on-ear headphones when you have to be conscious of your surroundings, like when jogging. Or when it is alright for audio to leak through because you want a friend to listen or something.

    Reviews on Best Headphones Under 100 Bucks

    1. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

    The ATH-M40x complies with your wish for professional audio but stays to an amateur’s spending budget. This is professional-grade engineering and satisfying natural sound-scape help this established top of our list of the most effective and best headphones under $100.

    Audio-Technica began with a simple foundation, keeping away from fancy design and coloring schemes. In its place, they focused entirely on such things as extra-soft pads to support prolonged wear; stainless-steel headband and rotates for improved resilience; and easily-removed wires for simple storage.

    Following a preliminary break-in duration of about a 1 week these bad boys really stand out. The natural well-balanced sound is exactly what you would assume from a much higher cost device. The low-level pulsate and are definitely not muddied; the high-levels and words of the tune are sharp without being unpleasant.

    If you want a pair of professional-quality monitoring headphones but you are short on cash then the ATH-M40x by Audio-Technica is precisely what you should want to get.

    2. Skullcandy Crusher

    SkullCandy brought out all of the halts once they came up with Crusher headphones. They’re highly effective, powerful and crystal clear.

    The Crusher includes a distinctive shaking driver that pulsates together with the bass beat. Its power is modified using a slider on the ear-cup. The big plus with this is certainly that even though it does need its own battery; the complete weight of your gadget remains to be well well-balanced. Even with extended usage.

    Audio quality is mostly fairly nicely balanced but they are manufactured in the direction of bass-heads. The high levels and words of the song are clear although not dominant as you might anticipate in headphones that just didn’t concentrate on lower sounds. The lower heavy sounds of hip hop and dub-step truly benefit from the Crusher headphones. Once the additional driver is switched off the bass sounds is lower and snarling but continues to be clear. Once the further bass sounds is triggered there’s continue to have no distortion sounds. Plus they form a great seal off over your ear so not any of the people around you are disturbed.

    Skullcandy’s Crusher provides the similar quality of sound as more expensive headphones, in addition comes with an additional bass driver. You cannot go wrong with this blend.

    3. Ausdom M05

    The M05 from Ausdom will fit a lot of wonderful benefits into an easily affordable reliable item.

    Very few other units within this budget range can provide obtaining each one of these beneficial functions inside of a single item. The M05 is wired or wireless Bluetooth equipped. A complete charge makes certain nearly the whole day’s worth of playing time. And its particular ear cups rotate 180° to suit any head contour.

    Ausdom do not ignore sound quality of their M05 either. Bass sounds were very clear and ideal. The treble was also crisp without sounding too much to handle. We analyzed these on numerous genres of music with amazing success.

    Ausdom’s M05 strong number of characteristics and true-sound are best for anybody who wants a versatile item with a respectable price tag.

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