Top Rated & Best DJ Headphones 2021 Reviews

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    Are you a DJ and looking for find the best headphones for DJing? If that’s the case then you came to the right place. Here we share the top DJ headphone reviews and deals you can find on the market. When DJing you need to have the best headphones that delivers great quality and offer superb performance. Being a DJ, having cheap headphones or crappy equipment is not something you want to have or experience while performing at a club or party. Without further due, we are going to share a list of DJ headphones and a guide on what to look for and how to choose your headphones.

    Below is a list of some of the top-rated headphones for DJ that our staff has spent countless hours research, reviewing and tested to find the ones that deliver the best sound, most comfortable for extended periods, durability and by price. So let’s take a look at what’s on our list and which ones didn’t make it.

    Best DJ Headphones 2021 List

    Headphone Price Rating
    Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones Under $300 4.8
    Sennheiser HD 7 DJ Headphones Under $150 4.7
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black, Professional Grade, Critically Acclaimed, with Detachable Cable Under $150 4.6
    Pioneer HDJ-1500-S Professional DJ Headphones – Deep Silver Under $200 4.5
    Philips A5Pro/27 A5PRO Professional DJ Headphones designed with Armin Van Buuren, Black Under $200 4.4

    DJ Headphones: Things to Consider


    Bass is defiantly something your are going to want to consider when it comes to being a DJ. You want to be able to feel every bass note along with all the highs and lows. However, you will never get the floor shaking, body vibrating bass that would get from massive party speakers or subwoofers.

    With that being said, a lot of top DJ headphone companies like Beats by Dre or other popular brands that support DJ headphones design special headphones for DJ with much lower frequencies sounds. Most of these companies will mention within the headphone description or features.

    If you’re a bass kind of person and like to feel every beat then this is something you need to check on. However, there are other headphones that deliver balance sound as well. But that for you to decide on what you’re looking for and how you want to music to sound in your ears.

    Weight and Comfort

    Being a DJ you are going to be wearing them for extended periods of time. Thus, which is why the weight and comfort of the headphones are crucial for you. You don’t want heavy ones that are going to weigh to much. Finding some light-weight and comfortable DJ headphone will make a big difference when wearing for several hours. A lot of DJ like less bulky headphones as because they typically weigh less and much easier when you’re a traveling DJ. Without further due, make sure you check the weight and size of them before making your final choice. You don’t want to be uncomfortable and irritated when on the job.

    Sealed vs Open Headphones

    For deejays, the closed back ones are highly recommended because of the environment you’re going to be in and they are much better at distorting our the background noises. Being a deejay you know the importance of this because when you on a gig there is always unwanted background noise and you want to make your performance top-notch by hearing exactly how the music sounds without those noises in the back.

    The open-backed ones are more for people who are playing music in a more quieter environment with very little background noise. These types of headphones produces much less distortion compared to the closed-back headphones. With that said, I think it’s pretty clear that the sealed headphones are defiantly the way to go for DJing.

    DJ Headphone Reviews 2021

    Pioneer HDJ-1500-S Professional DJ Headphones

    The Pioneer HDJ-1500-S Professional are all-around some of the greatest headphones you can have if you’re a DJ. The increased bass response and frequencies are just phenomenal for the price of these bad boys. These are Pioneers newly designed for blocking out background noises and innovative sound-isolation chamber isolating low and mid frequencies levels. With that being said, the Pioneer HDJ-1500-S headphone is great for loud environments where it can get extremely loud.

    The Pioneer HDJ-1500-S are extremely comfortable that can easily be worm for extended period of time while your are DJing a gig. Also, each earpiece can swivels up 45 degrees and can be flipped around at 180 degrees for the times when needed. If you’re a traveling DJ then these are the headphones because of their constructed design that allows them to fold-away.

    All in all, the Pioneer HDJ1500-S professional headphones are just all-around amazing for the price and reviews from previous customers. You can find theses headphones on Amazon for around $150 and can also add-on the carrying case for another $40 which is highly recommended.

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

    Next, we have the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones which some tremendously clear, clean sounding, and extremely well-balanced. They sound quality they deliver throughout an extended frequency range, with deep and accurate bass sounds. They quality of these headphones are like you are listening to a live performance. The 45mm large drivers are made with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils that deliver nothing but perfection all-around.

    The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x special design contours around the ears perfectly for amazing sound isolation for when in loud environments. The earcups can swivel up to 90 degree for easy and comfortable one-ear listening when needed. They also include professional-grade ear-padding’s and headband that offers more resilience and comfort.

    In conclusion, Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphone are a great buy for DJing, Studio or even for just listening to your favorite music on your phone or iPod. For under $150 these are some of the top DJ headphones money can by and also includes a carrying case unlike the ones above, which need to be bought separately.

    The Verdict

    Having a good pair of headphones that are comfortable for long periods of time is crucial. It’s one of the most important factors when choosing headphones for DJing. With that being said, when looking for a pair make sure you check out the materials the pads are made of and see if a headband is included if that’s something you’re looking for as well.

    Hope you found this guide helpful and gave your some useful information and tips that we shared with you to help you find and purchase the best pair with the greatest performance for the money.

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