Best Cheap Radar Detectors under $50

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    Radar detectors can be very useful when it comes to avoiding speed tickets. Although speeding is never a good thing and can have devastating consequences, radar detectors can help you get to work or home quick and safe, without having to spend money on tickets. But purchasing a new one seems like a difficult task first due to the variety that exists on the market today and second, due to the price. The best radar detectors are of course, very expensive and can go up to $600-700. For the economical, ordinary driver, spending a truckload of money on a radar detector seems impossible.

    In order to help you find a cheap, yet good radar detector to help you save money on speed tickets, I have comprised a list of the best ones under $50. So, without further ado, here are the best cheap radar detectors under $50.

    Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360 Degree Detection

    The Cobra is known in the industry as making some of the best radar detectors on the market. The ESD7570 is no exception to this and for a radar detector under $50, it performs quite well. Although the best models from Cobra cost over $300, this particular one performs quite well and considering the price, it is quite a bargain. 

    Some of the features it comes with include a City / Highway mode which make sure that all the threats it detects are real, a no-frills unit that is able to detect all the radio frequencies used by policemen, therefore you will never be caught off guard and 360 degree detection of all types of speed guns. The ESD7570 comes with a lot of features and at the low price of $50 it is one of the cheapest radar detectors on the market.

    Whistler XTR-140 Laser/Radar Detector with Exclusive Twin Alert Periscopes

    As mentioned beforehand, Whistler is one of the most popular companies that create radar detectors. Like the XTR-130, the XTR-140 is another radar detector that comes with a lot of features at a low price.

    The XTR-140 comes with a “Twin Alert Periscope”, a feature the last model did not have. It is a feature that regards the alerting system and instead of coming with audio or visual alerts, this model comes with both types, including 2 more LEDs that flash on and off to grab your attention. If you don’t want the audio alerts to kick in once the radar detects a threat, you can simply put it on Quiet mode and you will be alerted through the LEDs. As for the ways it detects the threats, it is no different than the XTR-130, but for the low price of $47 it is a great one.

    Cobra ESD7100 9 Band Radar/Laser Detector

    Another great radar detector under $50 from Cobra is the ESD7100. Like the other models created by Cobra, it can detect any type of threats, whether coming from band radar or laser detectors while also avoiding most false threats in order for you to arrive faster at your destination.

    It also comes with a 360 degrees detection of any type of radar or laser detector, a lot of setting for you to choose the perfect way for the radar to alert you when a threat is incoming and compared to other models, it is very easy to install and mount on your car. The design is attractive for a radar detector and it can be bought for only $50.

    Whistler XTR-130 Laser/Radar Detector with High Gains Lens

    Like Cobra, Whistler is a known company that produces great radar detectors and the XTR-130 is one of these, but affordable for everybody. Worth only $40, it is a great detector that comes with a lot of issues to make sure you are never caught off guard.

    The XTR-130 comes with 3 City / Highway modes that alert you of any type of threats, whether laser or not that you must look out for. These modes detect all the electromagnetic waves, but only alert you to the real ones, thus avoiding braking at anything the radar detects. The alert priority system is able to detect more signals at once and depending on the type of laser gun and the distance, the radar will prioritize one and forget about the other. All in all, the XTR-130 is cheap and it comes with a variety of features that will help you avoid speeding tickets.

    Cobra Electronics SSR 80 Performance Radar/Laser Detector

    Cobra Electronics is one of the cheapest radar detectors on the market and considering the fact that it is created by Cobra, it is not as good as a V1, but it can definitely save you a lot of speed tickets.

    The Cobra Electronics detects any type of speed guns, laser or not, used by the police while staying completely invisible to any detectors they might have, including the V-2 ones. It also allows you to choose the operating mode, thus avoiding the radar detecting false threats. It also warns you about any hazards or emergency vehicles that might come ahead, all for the low price of $35. Another good brand is rocky mountain radar. Find some of the coolet radar detector apps here.

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