Choosing the Best Bluetooth Speakers

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    Looking for the best Bluetooth speakers? With improvements in wireless sound quality being added every year, knowing the differences in these new features is important when selecting portable Bluetooth speakers for your sound system.

    There are many different options to consider when purchasing your Bluetooth speaker. Although the options can seem overwhelming, the sound quality among the best Bluetooth speakers is easy to detect. Simply testing out a few of them in person will give you a quick idea of what sets the top players apart from the rest of the pack.

    If you are looking for a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, you have four main features to consider:

    1. Size, weight, and shape
    2. Range
    3. Device charging
    4. Battery life

    4 Main Features to Consider

    Size, Weight and Shape

    Deciding which size, weight, and shape your Bluetooth speaker should be is mostly just a personal preference. If the speaker is too small—for instance, the size of a deck of cards—it likely not to be much more powerful than your smartphone or other audio device, which defeats the purpose.

    Your speaker should not be very heavy either. Technology today has allowed most companies to create speakers that are ultracompact, averaging about 1.5 pounds. Going too much above that weight may work against the convenience of having a portable speaker.

    The shape of your wireless Bluetooth speaker should not have an impact on its sound quality. Thus, you should assess the speakers based on convenience and durability of shape. If the speaker can sit flat or stand on its side, then you may find it fits into more areas and is more convenient. Although they are not meant to be tossed around, some are more durable than others are. This may be an added benefit to you if you anticipate taking your speaker on some rugged adventures.


    Since you are purchasing a speaker that receives audio wirelessly, the longer the range capabilities, the greater the flexibility you will have when using it. The best Bluetooth speakers will have a decent range but some go even further than others do. When comparing speakers, think about the typical distant you will be from the speaker and find one that meets that requirement.


    Given that you will be using a device to pull your audio from, having a way to charge that device while in use will be a huge benefit. If the speaker comes with twelve hours of battery life, but your phone shuts off after three hours, you will not experience the full benefits of the speaker. Many models feature a USB port that you can use to charge your portable devices. The only difference between the models might be where they place the port on the speaker. You may find some areas more convenient than others are.

    Battery Life

    Just as with any portable electronic device, adequate battery life makes a huge difference. With the best Bluetooth speakers, this may be your deciding factor. You may not be sitting out at the pool for ten hours, but if you are poolside a few days in a row, you will want a speaker that can last without frequent recharging.

    Pricing Tiers for Your Next Bluetooth Speaker

    Option 1: Below $100

    In this entry-level price tier, you can expect sound quality that makes having Bluetooth portable speakers more advantageous than using a phone or laptop. Although the bass will not bump quite like the top speakers, you can easily find a solution that amplifies your audio, no matter if it sits on your desk or next to you on the beach.

    As for appearances, you will have no trouble finding a speaker that satisfies your personal taste. From sleek and smooth to colorful and vibrant, you have plenty of options from which to choose. Along with the shape, finding a convenient size for your needs will not be a problem. Making the speakers small is the easy part. It is doing so with excellent quality that really justifies a higher price tag.

    Option 2: $100 to $150

    If you have a few more dollars to spend and would like to have more bells and whistles for your wireless Bluetooth speaker, then spending up to $150 can easily satisfy your needs. At this tier, you will find more complexity to the shapes and colors of the speakers. Sure, only the sound quality should really matter, but most of us have specialized smartphone cases that do not really serve a purpose other than fulfilling our creative energies.

    You will also experience better sound quality at this second tier. Your music should be more crisp and your bass a little heavier. If you are with a group of people, you may not notice the difference since the music will be drowned out somewhat. However, if you are playing your music in your home, you will appreciate the improvement in sound.

    Option 3: $150 to $200

    At the top tier, you should find that all of your desired features are included, and it performs well in all cases. These speakers should be the sleekest, easiest to use, and most feature-rich of them all. It is not a given that they will be a better match for your style needs than lower tiers are, but they certainly make a good case for it. For example, rather than your typical plastic encasements, you can have a smooth aluminum shell.

    Moreover, it goes without saying that the sound quality of these portable speakers will be superior to other, less expensive models. With these, you should be able to turn the volume to the max without experiencing any degradation in sound quality. The more subtle benefits, such as lack of noise between tracks, will impress you as well.

    With prices on the best Bluetooth speakers ranging from around $100 to just over $200, these devices are affordable and a must have for any regular audio user. Aside from sound quality, each of the top Bluetooth speakers comes with its own unique look. Whether you prefer sleek and slender or rugged and durable, there is a speaker for nearly every preference.

    Final Thoughts

    While there are so many different choices out there, the criteria in this review should help you to narrow your list down to the best Bluetooth speakers. Focusing too much on comparing all of the features will leave you confused and may even discourage you from buying one at all.

    Although there are differences in the sound quality as you go up the price ladder, it is not really that important to compare the specific sound specs of the speakers. There is flexibility in how those figures are calculated, so a greater number might not equal greater sound quality.

    If you find two or three models that appear to be similar in functionality, but you do not know how to narrow them down any further, simply choose based on appearance. After all, the speaker will sit out in the open. With so many Bluetooth speakers to choose from, you should be able to find one that meets all your needs—including your style.

    Think about how you will actually use the speaker, where you will take it, what volume levels it will need to reach, and what kind of look will make you happy. Follow these simple guidelines and you should have no problem finding the best Bluetooth speakers for your sound system.

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