Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 Bucks

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    Can’t find a good pair of Bluetooth speakers for under 100 dollars? We know there is hundreds and hundreds of different brands and type of Bluetooth speakers that cost anywhere from $20 up to $300+ dollars. However, we are here to discuss and share some of the top Bluetooth speakers for under 100 to help you find the best Bluetooth speaker for you.

    Bluetooth speakers can in handy for people for many different reason. Whether you’re looking for one for the bathroom, the kitchen, by the pool, or even in your car, we are here to help you find the right one. With that being said, Let’s take a look below at the list of the top Bluetooth speakers that cost under 100 dollars.

    Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100 List

    Bluetooth Speaker Loudness Price Rating
    JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Teal) 8/10 $$$ 4.6
    Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Softphone and Mobile Phone – Easy Setup, Portable Speaker for Holding Meetings Anywhere with Outstanding Sound Quality 7/10 $$$ 4.6
    JBL Flip 3 Splash proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Blue 9/10 $$$ 4.5
    Sharkk Commando Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker IP65 Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with 24 Hour+ Battery Life 8/10 $$$ 4.4
    Ultimate Ears MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Orange 8/10 $$$ 4.3
    MMSS MOXO X -1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Floating Levitating Maglev Speaker 7/10 $$$ 4.2
    ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Orange) 7/10 $$$ 4.1

    Things to Consider When Choosing

    When it comes to purchasing anything in life there is always things you need to look for before you just jump the gun and buy it. Thus, is why we made this mini checklist on some things you might want to consider before choosing the top Bluetooth speaker for you’re needs.


    Depending what you are going to use your Bluetooth speaker for, are you going to need it to take on some water if needed? If you looking for a shower speaker then you need a waterproof Bluetooth speakers or a speaker for the poolside or beach then I would highly suggest you look into find a good Bluetooth speaker under 100 dollars that is waterproof or resistance. Last thing you want it to buy a brand new speaker that’s Bluetooth and have a little water hit it and its ruined.


    I stress audio brands in a majority of my post because the brand does make a big difference in quality, durability and sound quality. Choosing a popular and well known brand like Sony, JBL, Bose and so on is a smarter choice that buying a Bluetooth speaker brand that no one has ever heard of before. Yes, you might end up spending a little extra money on one but the sound quality and lifetime of the product will end up being worth it in the long run.


    You can find small Bluetooth speakers, medium sized Bluetooth speakers and even large Bluetooth speakers. Depending on the person and what they plan on using the speaker for is how you should base your choice. If you’re looking to go to the park and play some basketball and want to jam out then I would suggest finding a large and loud Bluetooth speaker so you can hear of the dribbling and background noises.

    Top Bluetooth Speaker Reviews 2021

    JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker (SplashProof)

    The JBL is one of the top-selling and best Bluetooth speaker under 100 bucks on Amazon with currently over 2,500+ positive feedback from previous buyers. It has been rated 4.4 out of 5.0 by the customers who have bought the JBL Flip speaker. Its an all-around Bluetooth speaker that can be used for just about anything. With that being said, lets jump into some of the feature this bad boy has to offer you.

    The sound quality the JBL Flip speaker has to over is beyond any other Bluetooth speaker I’ve heard for under 100 dollars. It fills the room with crystal clear sound quality so you wont miss a word or instrument sound in any song that you decide to play. On top of that, It has echo and noise cancelling speakerphone to take calls with a touch of a button.

    It’s built with a rugged rubber housing to make it super durable and can stand up to all the different adventures you are going to take the JBL Flip on. Having a durable portable bluetooth speaker is one of the most important factors in case you drop it or gets wet. So if you like listening to music while taking adventures then the JBL Flip is a good recommendation and should consider this speaker.

    Next, the JBL Flip is wireless and you are able to connect up to 3 different smartphones, tables or other Bluetooth compatible devices to it. I love this perk when your hanging out with a bunch of friends and someone else want to play their favorite song you wont have to worry about them using your phone. They can simply connect to the Flip with there smartphone with ease and quickly.

    All in all, the Splashproof JBL Flip is one of the top Bluetooth speakers under 100 bucks and includes many features and options for the money. It will be hard to find another speaker that can compare to this one for the price.

    UE MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

    Next, we have the UE MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speakers which is another top-rated Bluetooth speaker for the money. This Bluetooth speaker might be smaller than some of the other speakers that you might find but don’t the size of it fool you. It’s very loud for the size it delivers the sound quality and deep bass of some of the best bluetooth speakers that cost much more than this one. You can’t go wrong with the UE MINI BOOM Bluetooth Speaker by no means.

    You can pump out 10 straight hours of your favorite music on the go. This small Bluetooth speaker is great for people who want to carry on them whenever because of the size and playtime length is has to offer. You can connect wireless to the UE MINI BOOM up to 50 feet away which is more than enough distance. It also has a built in crystal-clear speakerphone to easily answer calls with easy.

    In conclusion, the UE MINI BOOM Bluetooth speakers is overall amazing. With over 1,500+ positive reviews from people and giving it a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 this is one of the top-rated and best Bluetooth speakers under 100 dollars.

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