What’s the Best Bluetooth Earbuds?

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    If you’re looking for some of the best bluetooth earbuds then you have landed on the right page. Most people now a days end up buying a pair of bluetooth earbuds and are just no satisfied with the audio quality they produce. So we are making this article with some reviews on the top reviews on the best earbuds that are bluetooth to make your choice much easier.

    When it comes to finding a good pair of earbuds which are bluetooth can be quite tough, due to all the different brands and model of earbuds that are flooding the market. So kick back, and let’s check out some of the best-selling and top-rated bluetooth wireless earbuds for the money with have to offer on the market.

    Best Bluetooth Earbuds Guide

    Item Price Rating
    Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Storm White $$$ 4.5
    JLab Audio Epic2 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Earbuds, GUARANTEED fitness, waterproof IPX5 rated, skip-free sound, pristine high-performance 8mm sound drivers, 12hr play time w/ microphone - Black $$$ 4.4
    Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Earbuds Runner Headset Sport Earphones with Mic and Lifetime Sweatproof Guarantee - Wireless Headphones for Running, Redheat $$$ 4.3
    SoundPal SX7 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, Stereo In-Ear Noise Isolating Sweat-Proof Earphones $$$ 4.3
    Bluetooth Earbuds TREBLAB XR100, True HD Sound Solid Bass Wireless Headphones Best For Sport Gym Running Workout 9 Hour Battery Microphone Noise Cancelling Sweat-Proof Earphones Zippered Case Included $$$ 4.2

    What to Look for in Bluetooth Earbuds

    When it comes to buying anything these days there are somethings you need to look for and watch out for. This is why BeatBabez came up with this little guide to help you and make your choice on making the right decision when it comes to earbuds. If you like this guide please share and like it with your friends to help them do the same.


    If you’re looking for Bluetooth obviously you need to make sure the earbud are capable to do wireless Bluetooth. Specially if you are working our or running you don’t want a pair of ear buds that are getting in you’re way will you working out or running.


    If you plan on using you headphone or earbuds or what it is when you’re listening to music or your favorite tunes to get ruined by the weather conditions. Make sure weather you are looking for earbuds that can handle all different type of weather conditions.


    When it comes to buy a high quality product that is an electronic always keep in mind that brand name matter. Yes, you can get away with buying a cheap no-name brand that can last you a few week or months verse buy a quality brand like Sony or whatever the brand is and spend the few extra dollars to get something that will be worth the money.


    Not everyone uses wireless earbuds for running or working in the gym. A lot people are using them now a days for answering calls due to most states having a law against driving and being on your phone. These wireless earbuds we have choose to be on list have been tested and work great for people on Wi-Fi and landlines and even on poor connection services.

    Fitting and Sizing

    These is important when you’re choosing a pair. Depending on what you plan using the earbud for make sure they are going to be snug and don’t fall out. Most of the best earbuds come with multiple earbud tips to fit comfortably in all different size ears. Make sure the pair you are going to obtain come with different size because no all people have the same size ears and this can be crucial while working out or going for a run.

    Bluetooth Earbud Reviews

    Below we have gone above and beyond on some wireless Bluetooth earbud reviews and gave more information than on the list we created above. So take a moment and check out the earbud reviews we have added extended information and specifications.

    Jaybird x2 Wireless Sports Earbuds

    The Jaybirds are one of the most popular and best earbuds on the market right now. Due to there quality, performance, flexibility, price and many other factors are what make these the earbuds to buy and why everyone is raving about them. They come in multiple different colors and tip sizing’s to make make each and every customer happy.

    The Jaybird’s wireless earbud gives you about eight straight total hours of music or call time with full remote controls. Eight hours without charging is one of the longer lasting pair of wireless headphone you are going to find and should be plenty of time unless you’re a workout maniac. Also these bad boys can be secured under or over the ear depending on your preference. And most people have there own preference so you won’t need to worry about that like you would with other brands that don’t give you both options like the Jaybirds do.

    Next, these are some of the best bluetooth earbuds for working out because of the lifetime sweat-proof warranty. So if you’re the type of person who always in the gym or running and like to sweat then these would be our recommendation to you because you sweat won’t hurt the Jaybirds one bit. These is a great perk to have for people who plan on using them while they workout because of the lifetime warranty.

    All in all, the Jaybird X2 earbuds are great for just about anything you want to use them for and come with multiple foam tips that work for all occasions. The only negative thing you have to say about these earbuds are the price but the lifetime sweat-proof warranty make it worth each and every penny invested.

    JLab Audio Epic2 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Earbuds

    Not a lot of people have heard of Jlab Audio. However, they are on our list for a reason because of the durability and the quality the have to offer. They are wireless and are bluetooth-enabled and connect to any bluetooth audio gadget you want to jam out to music to. They also have a feature that allows you to answer calls hands-free which make them good for working out or driving.

    The Jlab Epic Wireless Earbuds come fully fitness-proof and won’t be bothered by your weather how how hard you workout them out. On top of that, they have an amazing 12 hours of play-time which is one of the higher amount of playtime earbuds that we have on our list. A lot people really like the very long lasting earbuds that can play for outstanding amount of time. They are also a very light-weight which a lot of people prefer them when it comes to taking a jog or using them while at the gym pumping some iron.

    All in all, these are all around earbuds they can be used for multiple different purposes. It has many great feature with some great audio quality and are made very tough. You won’t have to worry about replacing these unless you end up sucking them in your vacuum or dropping them into a fire.

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